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A Silent War. Violence Against Women in Brazil


A Silent War
Violence Against Women
in Brazil
This book is a cry of outburst at the alarming statistics on murders with female victims in Brazil, which have somehow become banal in this country. It is a direct criticism of the treatment of these crimes in the press, which are found in the crime sections of newspapers instead of the main sections of journals on health, society, and public policy.

According to the journalist Jô Ramos, founder of the Women’s Defense Movement and author of the book, “Violence against women violates human rights, and as such, is imperative that it be treated with greater visibility”.

The book includes the contact information for all of the Specialized Delegations for Women’s Affairs and the Women’s Shelters in Brazil, in an attempt to enable greater access to reports of violence. It also contains a step-by-step guide on how to proceed in cases of aggression, testimonials by women, an interview with a specialist in women’s rights, and a guide to legislation and services that protect the victims.
It furthermore contains a history of the Maria da Penha law, which has changed the national legislative landscape and thus represents a step forward in its reference to human rights and the rights of women, although it has not yet slowed down the rate of murder, rape, and aggression in the nation.


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